Taka Wall Sealer

aka wall sealer is acrylic paint used as primer coat before applying finishing coat. It has high adhesion and anti alkali.


mulsion paint specially formulated for interior walls that can be applied by using brush, roller, and spray gun.

Taka Florance

aka florance is emulsion paint formulated for interior wall surfaces. With Dazzling Effect Formula, it provides thousands dazzling colors of your choice.

Taka Imprezza

premium grade emulsion paint specially formulated for interior painting. With Nanoskin Technology it provides smoother, easy to clean, and longer-lasting finish to your wall.

Taka Armor

premium grade paint made from 100% high quality acrylic, specially formulated for new and previously painted surfaces. It gives soft and smooth finish to the wall surfaces as well as protects them from weathering, algae, and fungi.

Hibon (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive)

Versatile adhesive which has high adhesion and economical and practical using. It is mainly used for handycraft production and house hold repairing.

Neo Super (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive)

Economical versatile adhesive that mainly used to embed imitation materials and stuffs. It is easy to apply, waterproof, and long last durability.

Rajawali Power (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive)

High quality versatile adhesive formulated for wooden product industry. It is easy to apply as it convenient viscosity and high adhesion. It gives durability to the products.


High quality adhesive specially formulated for hars PVC materials. It has high adhesion and is easy to spread evenly.

RCA Finish Plaster

RCA Finish Plaster allows you to put plaster and skimcoat to your wall surface with only one step. It is very practical and reduces one step of your application process.