RCA Finish Plaster

RCA Finish Plaster allows you to put plaster and skimcoat to your wall surface with only one step. It is very practical and reduces one step of your application process.

RCA Plaster

RCA Plaster provides strong, even surfaces on wall plastering and rendering, and prevents hair cracks from forming.

RCA Tile

RCA Tiles provides superior adhesion and tile application and prevents them from displacement.

RCA Bricks

RCA Bricks is added to mortar mix for bricks to provide strength and speed to masonry and wall rendering. It reduces the thickness required for application and thus speeds up work, reduces coats, and lightens the load of the building.

RCA Bond

RCA Bond helps motar mix stick to difficult-to-adhere surface. Such as smooth concrete, metals, glasses, wood, PVC, and ceramics.

RCA Patching Compound

RCA Patching Compound is a specially formulated adhesive to be added into mortar mix for patching damage surface. It can also be used to provide wall rendering a more even and smoother finish.

Rajawali S-3005

Premium quality PVAc based adhesive, which contains high adhesion and viscosity as well as resist from water. It is suitable for wood, bamboo, rattan, paper, and fabric products material.

Puma PVAc

High quality and economic PVAc based adhesive that can be used to embed wooden materials. Puma PVAc easy to apply manually yet leaves no stain former and has high viscosity.

Tora PVAc

PVAc based adhesive for wooden, paper, bamboo, and rattan materials. It is very suitable for application in various products thet need good resistance against humidity.

RCA Skimcoat

RCA Skimcoat helps you achieve a smoother and more even skimcoat application that prevents cracking.